Interview: Getting To Know Dr. David Sullivan!

Interview: Getting To Know Dr. David Sullivan!

Chiropractor Annville PA David Sullivan Adjusting Patient
Chiropractor Annville PA David Sullivan

What initially drove you to become a chiropractor?

I was on a beach trip as a teenager and got really sick.  My Dad was a medical doctor, so he ordered some medication to be mailed to our location.  In the meantime, my uncle who was a chiropractor, manually adjusted my neck.  Within 16 hours I was feeling great, the adjustment was effective for treating my symptoms before the medication arrived at our place.  This introduced me to the effectiveness of holistic medicine and piqued my interest in learning more.

Where did you get your chiropractic education?

I attended Logan College of Chiropractic in Missouri, I chose this school because it allowed me to study advanced sciences and had a great cultural experience being in the heart of St. Louis.

You had attained the license of a chiropractic neurologist, what is chiropractic neurology?  What did you have to do to achieve this license?

Chiropractic neurology is a subdiscipline of chiropractic care that uses a wide range of advanced drug free and non-surgical techniques to treat neurological and brain-based conditions such as concussions, and post-concussion syndrome, headaches and migraines, dizziness, balance disorders, and peripheral neuropathy.

I always wanted to further my education and challenge myself; completing a difficult course of education led to more career opportunities for me.  Achieving this license gave me the ability to help a unique subset of people who generally have a hard time finding treatment from complex, debilitating conditions.

What is your experience working as a chiropractor since you graduated? Anything you want to share about your internships in Missouri at St. Patrick’s Center for the Homeless or the VA hospital?

Early in my career I wanted variety of experiences, working in those clinics was valuable.  Interning at the homeless shelter showed me the value of service to others and compassion for people who have been dealt a difficult hand in life.  I also gained experience working as part of a team at the VA hospital.  I worked with many other practitioners who were focused on providing a better quality of life for military veterans.

What is something you really enjoyed researching or an area of chiropractic neurology that you want to continue exploring?

Therapeutic nerve applications, such as vagus nerve stimulation, is intensely exciting application, wide range of benefits to so many types of conditions. 

Any unique cases you have treated that stand out to you from over the years? Favorite part about the profession?

Most rewarding work are cases involving concussions in young athletes, children.  Because when kids are affected with chronic brain injury if its not resolved, good chance the situation will impact the rest of their life in every way possible.  So, to be able to treat and resolve those types of conditions means that individual has all the opportunities in life.  When you get that outcome with a child, it’s very rewarding. 

Anything you want to share about your family, hobbies, favorite things to do outside of work?

I do some bonsai tree collecting, horticulture, camping hiking, spending time with my kids. When I travel, I enjoy visiting off the beaten path attractions. 

Favorite piece of chiro advice?

Chronic issues of headache or pain, that haven’t been resolved or managed well with medications, it’s always important to look at: musculoskeletal issues, nutritional status, and emotional factors.  Need to look at entire picture of the person to get to the root cause of disease.


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