Getting To Know Tom Kramer And What Structural Therapy Is

Getting To Know Tom Kramer And What Structural Therapy Is

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You may have a lot of questions about what structural therapy is, and what types of injuries Tom Kramer can work on. So, we interviewed him to help our patients get to know Tom a little bit better and give you some more insight about the services he offers.

Why did you decide to team up with Dr Brennan and come to a chiropractic clinic?

Prior to working as a clinician, I was a clinical representative for Bryanne Enterprises servicing chiropractic field, so I’m very familiar with chiropractic. I am KDT certified in decompression therapy and have experience working with laser therapy, two of the primary services this practice offers.

I decided to join Brennan Chiropractic because they are offering holistic solutions to pain and one on one patient care, that is something that is no longer possible at a PT clinic. I wanted one on one time with my patients in order to get better results. Dr. Brennan and I also share the same clinical rationale when assessing what to correct and how to correct it.

What kind of experience do you have with your current profession as LMT and PTA?

I have been doing massage and body work for 10 years, some in a chiropractic practice, but most of my experience has been in private practice and working for CPRS Physical therapy for 4 years.

What kind of services do you offer?

I perform structural therapy which is a combination of deep tissue massage, myofascial release, Graston technique, and postural coaching.

What are the most common ailments you treat; do you specialize in treating any particular area of the body?

I can treat a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions such as frozen shoulder and plantar fasciitis, but my specialty is neck pain, headaches, TMJ, dizziness, and any type of orofacial pain.

What are the benefits to your services, what is your end-result expected to be?

Reduced overall tension in the body, and improved postural awareness that empowers patients to take control of and manage their pain. The goal is to improve the injury as much as possible while also providing steps a patient can take to prevent setbacks and future re injury

How can your services enhance results from a chiropractic patient?

When you treat the soft tissue of the body, it enhances the person’s ability to hold their chiropractic adjustment longer, and in some cases, make a chiropractic adjustment more successful for patients who are traditionally harder to adjust due to muscle stiffness.

What is a typical treatment plan for a new patient?

1-2 x a week initially and then the goal is to see you as infrequently as possible. As time goes on, I would expect to see a patient less and less because the patient is improving. Through the treatment process, the patient becomes less reliant on me and more reliant on themselves to manage their condition.

How long are your sessions and what should a patient expect at their first appointment?

I do 40-minute sessions. The first appointment is an assessment, and an opportunity for a patient to describe what is wrong. I will be asking the patient questions in order to get to the rout cause of their pain. The first visit will also include a treatment.

Are there any restrictions or reasons why someone would not want to seek out your services?

I have many techniques I can use to treat a patient if there any contraindications to massage.

What is your favorite thing about what you do?

When you love what you do you don’t work a day in your life, I have the joy of having a job where my blood pressure is lower at the end of the day then it was at the beginning.

Any unique cases you have treated stand out to you from over the years?

I have a client that was told she was going to be in a wheelchair due to osteoporosis, but with postural therapy and coaching she is still moving around living a meaningful life.

If you want to learn more about Tom and what he does visit his Facebook page.


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