Taking Care of Business by Beating Back and Neck Pain

Taking Care of Business by Beating Back
and Neck Pain

Chiropractic Annville PA Beating Back And Neck Pain

Laser-focused on drug-free pain relief

Waitressing in the local restaurant is hard work, but it is a job Valerie loves. “At work, I carry a lot of weight—big trays filled with plates,” she explained. “I’m tough. But, a few years ago, severe lower back pain really slowed me down. I knew I had to do something.”

Laser Therapy in Annville

A friend recommended that Valerie visit Dr. Tim Brennan of Brennan Chiropractic and Laser Pain Solutions in Annville. At her consultation, Dr. Brennan created an individualized treatment plan for Valerie including ProAdjuster treatments, plus MLS Laser Therapy to reduce the inflammation in her back. “I had never heard of MLS Laser Therapy before, but I watched the video in the office. The laser got my attention and the technology behind it made sense,” she said.

Dr. Brennan added, “Our MLS Laser is unique because it is a Class 4 laser which emits two wavelengths simultaneously. One wavelength eases pain; the other reduces inflammation. Together, they are very effective.”

Comfortable and painless 15-minute MLS Laser treatments ease the pain and inflammation associated with neck, shoulder, back, hip and knee injuries, sprains and strains, plantar fasciitis and more. The laser can painlessly penetrate 4-5 cm deep and generates no heat. Safe and FDA-cleared, MLS Laser Therapy is currently being used by a variety of sports teams nationwide.

“Dr. Brennan and his staff really care. They take a personal interest in you. Within a few visits, I felt relief,” Valerie reported. “My back is 100% better.”

And, all was well with Valerie. That is, until she was involved in an unfortunate car accident on the way to working at the restaurant last month.

“At first I thought I was ok, but then the pain in my neck became unbearable,” she recalled. “Until you have neck pain, you don’t realize how many times a day you move your head and trigger that pain.”

Faced with the fear of needing to work, Valerie knew it was impossible with her immense neck pain. She couldn’t function without her neck. Recalling what the laser did to ease her back pain, she knew she needed to take care of business, ease her pain and invest in her health.

She went back to Dr. Brennan’s office for chiropractic care and MLS Laser Therapy. “It worked for me before—I knew it would work for me again,” she remarked.

Within days of her chiropractic and laser treatments, she was feeling better. “I woke up one morning and realized I could look down at the floor and see my shoes, and not feel the pain,” she exclaimed. “I’m still not 100%, but now I can move my head to the left and right without pain.”

Valerie is pleased with the results. “I knew the MLS Laser works quickly. I didn’t want to mess around or suffer endlessly. I said to myself, ‘Why wait until tomorrow?’ You have to put yourself at the top of the list. I’m so glad that I did!”


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